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It’s In The Blood?! – Zu Gast beim “firstfortnight”-Festival in Irland!

This event is in partnership with Goethe-Institut Irland.

Gifty Wiafe is a young woman from Ghana now living in Germany, who lights up the stage with her unique blend of humour, heart, wit and truth. She dances, tells stories, plays drums and sings. “Of course” – some Europeans quickly conclude – “that’s in her blood somehow, isn’t it?”
But Gifty Wiafe begs to differ!

A modern intermediary between cultures and continents, she takes us on a roller-coaster of a personal and intercontinental journey.




freaks Beautiful freak(s)
02.-04. Mai 2010
look at me Look at me
11.-13. Mai 2010
klangspuren Klang Spuren Wolbeck
20. Mai 2010
open doors Open Doors
28.-30. Mai 2010
nix viel Nix Viel
3., 5., 6. Juni 2010
niemandsland Niemandsland
1.-4. September 2010
junge im bus Der Junge im Bus
8., 10.-12. September 2010
crashing down crashing down
14.-18. Oktober 2010
schrille stille Schrille Stille
30. / 31. Oktober | 3. / 5. November 2010
umsteigen Umsteigen
ab 8. Dezember 2010