artsghana: 14.08.2022 Swinging dance movements in grassland

By John Owoo
(In Münster – Germany)

Foto: Jörg Kersten

A duet dance performance near a bird sanctuary in the city of Münster treated a largely enthusiastic audience to swinging movements created from imaginary beings sent from the cosmos to help solve problems on earth.

Performed by Gifty Claresa Wiafe and Emmanuel Edoror, the piece is characterized by sheer juxtaposition of human performance laced with emotive scenes and a soothing soundscape, which soared into the vast field like the birds hovering over the sanctuary.  

Clad in black costumes with shoulders tilted – the duo showcased calculated steps, little hops, twirling waists, flapping arms, penetrating facial expressions and tiptoed walks – as they moved across the vast field with trees lurking in the background.  

Choreographed by Edoror with support from Wiafe, the two artists without doubt are the classification of varied acts. Indeed, each of them possesses an individual style that contributed to their collective efforts. Consequently, moving collectively or singularly advanced and enhanced the acts on stage.

Organized by Gloster Production under the direction of Carsten Bender, they displayed unity and focus on their mission on earth as Wiafe carried a calabash containing bells with Edoror clasping a wooden pole, which signified some sort of supernatural authority.

However, confusion sets in resulting in disagreements that end in pitched battles between the two “saviors”, thereby throwing the mission from the cosmos in disarray. Skirmishes were couched in vivid imagery that revealed a textured ritual of people in distress.

Edoror studied Physical Theatre at the Folkwang University (Essen) while Wiafe is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Sustainable Development Management at the University of Applied Sciences (Kleve). They have performed in various countries including Norway, Ireland, Cyprus, Namibia and Ghana. In 2016, they performed for the German president Joachim Gauck.

The performance forms part of events marking the 2022 edition of Rieselfelder Cultural Days, which also focused on the world of literature alongside inputs from the fields of history, visual arts, music, radio and ornithology. 

It was funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Münster and Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe in cooperation with the Literature Commission for Westphalia and Broadcasting Museum Baumberge with support from the Biological Station in the in the Rieselfelder and Cactus Junges Theater.

The four-day festival ends on Sunday August 14, 2021.