It’s In The Blood?! – Zu Gast beim “firstfortnight”-Festival in Irland!

This event is in partnership with Goethe-Institut Irland.

Gifty Wiafe is a young woman from Ghana now living in Germany, who lights up the stage with her unique blend of humour, heart, wit and truth. She dances, tells stories, plays drums and sings. “Of course” – some Europeans quickly conclude – “that’s in her blood somehow, isn’t it?”
But Gifty Wiafe begs to differ!

A modern intermediary between cultures and continents, she takes us on a roller-coaster of a personal and intercontinental journey.

“… courtesy of a wonderful script by Petra Kindler, Wiafe’s prowess at storytelling was evident as she conjured humorous anecdotes on diverse issues ranging from religion, imported food, visa problems,  migration, gender issues, snow, traffic offences, e-waste, culture shock, traditions and spirituality.”
“…a remarkably clever piece of comedy that reminds us of past experiences alongside issues that currently confront us.”
“…thought – provoking without being preachy while exposing uncomfortable truths about the world.”

Daily Graphic, Accra

“It’s in the Blood”?! is a collaboration between Tete Adehyemma Dance Theatre, Ghana, and multi award-winning Cactus Junges Theater in Münster, Germany. This joint venture operates under the name SISIMBOM, which is Ghanaian (Twi) for “putting to sea together”.

The play’s Director, Barbara Kemmler, founded Cactus Junges Theater 25 years ago and has been its Artistic Director ever since. Her main priority has always been on intercultural work and on professional engagement within international contexts and project collaborations, i.e., Congo, Kenia, Ghana, Norway, Poland and other countries.
Gifty Wiafe – Performer
Barbara Kemmler – Director
Petra Kindler – Script / Dramaturgy
Frank Sam – Choreography
Henry Nyadiah – Stage / Lighting Design

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